Steve is a Tucson, Arizona native and has family history in Tucson that goes back over 100 years. He is a veteran of the US Air Force, and combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He specialized in emergency management and command and control operations during his service time and spent five years at the Pentagon dealing with natural disasters, pandemic response (including USAF and DOI responses to Zika and Ebola outbreaks), and various other international response incidents. Steve has experience managing and strategic planning with large multi-billion-dollar budgets while using a unique prioritization methodology to cut wasteful spending and increase program efficiencies. Continuing his unique skillset Steve has completed his Doctoral coursework in business with a focus in cybersecurity and has worked extensively in various industries. His experience managing teams in multiple industries makes him a versatile candidate that can speak to many issues while also understanding the importance of continually educating and understanding more nuanced issues that require multi-point solutions. Steve believes that as we chip away at government created problems to reveal a free and independent Arizona, his versatility and knowledge will be integral in providing actionable solutions for success.