A Free Arizona

Election Integrity

  1. Free and Open ballot access for all parties
  2. Open primaries with lessened restrictions
  3. Free and Fair debates between all candidates for General election
  4. No donations accepted out of state

Arizona Economy

  1. Abolish the state income tax.
  2. Reform property tax allocations to a voter-based priority system, you choose where your taxes are spent.
  3. Support decentralized currency options.


  1. Nullify ALL Federal firearms laws inside Arizona.
  2. Revoke access in Arizona to 3 letter Federal enforcement agencies.
  3. Stop corporate lobbying in Arizona politics.
  4. Ban limits on Freedom of Movement (Vax Passports, etc)

Environmental Reform

  1. Invest in clean, renewable energy. Nuclear Matters.
  2. Desalination plants in coordination with Mexico to offset upcoming potential Arizona water crisis.

Individual Rights

  1. Protect inherent natural rights regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, age, etc.

Immigration Reform

  1. Create a path to state citizenship for workers and families coming to the land of opportunity.
  2. Partner with our neighboring Mexico states to bolster southern Arizona economy, trade, and migration for work/school/travel.

Health Care

  1. Create a path to direct primary care businesses for Doctors and Nurses. Encourage free market healthcare competition and push the middleman insurance agencies out of Arizona.

Law Enforcement

  1. End the war on drugs inside Arizona.
  2. Abolish civil asset forfeiture.
  3. Rescope the mission of law enforcement to the role of Peace officer, stop pursuit of victimless crimes.


  1. Privatize education through school choice. Fund students instead of systems.